5 ATV Routes in Bali

Go ATV Adventure Bali – Bali is not only about beautiful beaches. Bali also has a charming natural charm if you explore it more deeply. One way to enjoy the beauty of nature in Bali is to use an ATV.

There are so many ATV routes that you can pass, from rice fields, rivers, mud, small caves you will pass. Here are 5 ATV routes in Bali.

Ride ATV in Payangan Village

The next activity is to visit Payangan Village. The Payangan Village area, located in the Kintamani highlands, promises stunning natural scenery. You have the opportunity to see firsthand the beauty of Lake Batur which is so famous.

ATV rides in Bali available in Payangan Village last about 2 hours. The routes that you can take when trying this activity are also very diverse, ranging from wet tracks, rice fields, orange groves, and others. The rate you have to pay for this service is not much different from in Bongkasa Pertiwi Village.

Ride ATV in Singapadu Village

This Singapadu Village can be your next destination if you are still not satisfied with riding ATVs in Bali. In this village, you will find quad bikes that use 125 cc or 250 cc engines. You can find a distinctive green country atmosphere during your adventure here.

Ride ATV at Taro Village

The last option you can go to if you want to try ATV rides in Bali is to visit Taro Village. At Taro Village, you will find 3 choices of activities that can be done, ranging from silver rides, gold rides, to platinum rides. The difference in this activity package lies in the facilities and the duration which lasts from one hour to 2 hours.

This activity is an exciting choice if you are bored with the same activities in Bali. Moreover, at the same time, this activity also allows you to enjoy the typical rural scenery in Bali with satisfaction.

Ride ATV in Ubud Bali

Playing ATV in Ubud has its own privileges, of course this is a tourist favorite. The ATV route at Silakarang Ubud is a combination of mud tracks, small rivers and village roads.

GO ATV Bali provides Bali ATV rental with a route of about 2 hours. For more information please contact us.